Twin Tap Series 2 Twin Tap Series 2

Instant filtered boiling & chilled water from one single tap

This is our world patented system, a simple and durable under bench dual purpose drinking water dispenser that gives you the pleasure of having filtered boiling water and filtered chilled water on tap whenever you want it.

The standard Twin Tap Series 2 comes with twin filter Manifold which offers filtered boiling water and filtered ambient water by turning the handle to each side.

If you prefer chilled water instead of ambient, simply add an optional under bench water chiller, at any time.

An optional energy saver pack can be included with a built in 7-day 24-hour programmable timer to reduce carbon emission.

The Twin Tap Series 2 comes in 5 different sizes ranging from 10 cups - 60 cups each with different capacities of boiling water ready for drawing. The largest capacity in the market.

Features of Whelan Twin Tap Series 2:

  • Solid state temperature control, designed to contain water within 1°C of boiling point at all times when in operation.
  • 350Kpa pressure limiting valve with dual filter check valve supplied as Standard.
  • Anti-flood designed tap to prevent damge to bench top due to flooding.
  • No connection to drain — no tundish required.
  • Twin Filter Manifold supplied as standard.
  • 5 different sizes of units to suit your need.
  • To be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Optional Extras for Twin Tap Series 2:

  • Optional under bench chiller of your choice can be fitted to suit.
  • Optional integral 24-hour 7-day programmable timer to save energy.