Timerboil Timerboil

A wall mounted system which incorporates electronic temperature control and a 24-hour 7-day programmable timer with 28 separate on/off programs for maximum versatility and the most accurate clock in the market.

Once programmed, the ability to switch off automatically during non working hours allows you to save running costs without sacrificing the convenience of having instant boiling water ready whenever you need it. The savings from your energy bill will eventually pay off the investment of installing this boiling water system in a matter of years.

Timerboil comes in 10 different sizes ranging From 2.5 - 60 litres capacity.

Features of Whelan Timerboil:

  • Inbuilt 24-hour 7-day programmable timer with 28 separate on/off programs for maximum versatility.
  • Electronic temperature controller that maintains water to within 0.5°C.
  • Inbuilt steam safety cut-out with manual reset.
  • 10 different sizes of units ranging from 2.5 litres to 60 litres of boiling water in capacity to cater for customer's need.
  • To be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instruction.

Optional Extras for Timerboil:

  • Additional outlets from the front, bottom, side or back of unit as specified can be fitted to larger units if required to speed up the dispensing of boiling water, or to improve traffic flow around the unit.
  • Swivel extension arms can be fitted for the convenience of filling up urns or big jugs.
  • Tap handle lock can be fitted, if required, to prevent unauthorised uses of the boiling water.
  • External filters can be fitted to the unit if required to improve the water quality.
  • Concealed plumbing and electrical connection can be made available upon request at time of ordering.
  • Stainless steel finishes can be supplied upon request at time of ordering.