Thermal Tap Thermal Tap

Instant boiling water on tap

The Thermal Tap is a solid, durable under bench system for dispensing boiling water. It is the most basic model within the Whelan range.

This system uses electronic circuitry for accurate temperature control and a solid brass tap with only one moving part for efficient and reliable performance. Since its introduction in 1989, Whelan Thermal Tap remains the best under bench boiling water

unit in the market due to its simplicity and reliability which leads to less complications down the line.

An optional energy saver pack with a built in 7-day 24-hour programmable timer can be included to reduce carbon emissions.

Thermal Tap comes in 6 different sizes ranging from 6 cups - 60 cups each with different capacities of boiling water ready for drawing. The largest capacity in the market.

Features of Whelan Thermal Tap:

  • Solid state temperature control, designed to contain water within 1°C of boiling point at all times when inoperation.
  • 350 Kpa pressure limiting valve supplied as standard.
  • No connection to drain — no tundish required.
  • 1/4 turn solid brass tap with anti-flood tap body designed to prevent damage to bench top due to flooding.
  • 6 different sizes of units with different capacity of boiling water to suit your Need.
  • To be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Optional Extras of Thermal Tap:

  • Lever handle can be fitted for disable aid.
  • Optional extended tap body of up to maximum of 150mm (from bottom of spout to base of tap).
  • Optional integral 24-hour 7-day programmable timer to save energy.
  • Interlocking switch can be provided to prevent unauthorised users.