Original Twin Tap Series 1 Original Twin Tap Series 1

Instant filtered boiling and chilled water from two separate taps

The Original Twin Tap Series 1 was based on the concept of pairing the solid, durable Thermal Tap and a twin filter manifold with either a matching Thermal Tap or a touchflo faucet. This allows you to have a flexible and simple under bench solution for filtered boiling & chilled water from two separate taps, which is ideal for busy, high traffic environments.

An Optional energy saver pack can be included with a built in 7-day 24-hour programmable timer to reduce carbon emissions.

Features of Whelan Original
Twin Tap Series 1

  • Solid state temperature control, designed to contain water within 1°C of boiling point at all times when in operation.
  • 350 Kpa pressure limiting valve with dual filter check valve supplied as standard.
  • No connection to drain - no tundish required.
  • 1/4 turn solid brass tap with anti-flood tap body as boiling water tap and matching tap or alternate touchflo faucet as chilled water tap.
  • 6 different sizes of units with different capacity of boiling water to suit your Need.
  • Twin Filter Manifold supplied to improve water quality.
  • To be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Optional Extras for Original
Twin Tap Series 1:

  • Optional lever handle can be fitted for disable aid.
  • Optional extended tap body of up to maximum of 150mm from spout to base of tap.
  • Optional under bench water chiller can be supplied as specified.
  • Optional integral 24-hour 7-day programmable timer to save energy.
  • Interlocking switch can be provided to prevent unauthorised users.