About Us

Whelan Industries was a manufacturer of hot water service based in Geelong back in the early 1960’s. When the idea of a continuous boiling water unit was formed and patented around the world, this simple and reliable boiling water unit has changed the course of Whelan Industries and further product developments saw the birth of Whelan Econoboil, Thermoboil, Timerboil, Thermal Tap, OriginalTwin Tap Series 1 in the 1980’s, and the Whelan Twin Tap Series 2 in the late 1990’s.

Each model of the Whelan range of boiling water units has been purposely built with its own unique characteristics to satisfy the requirements of end users, and the axiom of simplicity, reliability, durability and low maintenance has set Whelan products apart from others - We are proud to earn a reputation as ‘Boiling Water Specialists’.

The Whelan Dynamicboil SL Series is the only unit in the world which, incoming water has to be boiled in the heating chamber before it enters into the storage chamber to be dispensed. That means there is no mixing of incoming cold water with the stored boiling water within the unit - you only get boiling water when you turn on the tap or no water at all. It also boasts the biggest capacity available in the market, the largest in the range will deliver up to 450 litres (2250 cups) of boiling water discharge in one go.

The Whelan Econoboil & Thermoboil, a basic, no frills wall mounted boiling water system that does the same purpose of providing boiling water economically, yet efficiently.

The Whelan Timerboil has 28 separate on/off programme for maximum energy savings and has the most durable and accurate clock in the market – the energy savings will eventually pay off the investment of this unit in a matter of years.

The Whelan Thermal Tap, constructed from solid brass, can endure any harsh treatments and with one simple moving part in the tap body, it is the most reliable and durable under bench boiling water unit since launching in the late 1980’s. Soon after the launches of the Thermal Tap, the Whelan Original Twin Tap Series 1, a dual purpose under bench option was formed to dispense filtered boiling & chilled water from two separate tap outlets.

The Whelan Twin Tap Series 2, launched in the late 1990’s, is the only under bench dual purpose drinking water dispenser in the market that utilises water pressure to dispense filtered boiling or chilled water from one single tap. The benefits of this world patented design eliminate the need to use level control, solenoids and pumps to dispense boiling water and all the problems associated with them.

Over the past decade, Whelan Industries has been kept busy simply through words of mouth without the help of any sales personnel. We would like to thank you for your trust and continuing support.